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Every English learner might start asking these questions; “How can I improve my English?  How can I take my English to the next level? I have studied English for many years … What do I have now?  I have not made any progress yet.  I cannot speak English fluently, I confuse English words, I am afraid of making grammar mistakes, and I struggle with the pronunciation of some difficult words and sounds. There’s the biggest fear of speaking with other people and then frustration knocks the door.”

Let’s be honest, it happens. We often have some ups and downs in our life, especially when it comes to learning English.  When you have downs in learning English,  there is a strong desire to give up learning English,  but you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t stop halfway! Maybe you don’t realize it right now, but you are so close to achieving your main goal. You just need to change your habits of learning English. You might be curious about learning habits and I would like to share some tips with you.

Tip 1

Try to develop new learning habits, make some time for English. You do not need to spend hours learning English unless you have to prepare for an exam or some serious test. You just need 15-20 minutes a day. If you get into a habit of learning English regularly, you will notice that this is not tedious, it is interesting.
When you change your daily routine, make some changes in your schedule, you will have a habit of learning English regularly. This is a big plus.

Tip 2

Learn at least 5 words a day.  Why 5? I know that you need an answer to this question. It’s quite easy to memorize at least  5 words a day.  You can try to make some sentences using these new words. Don’t forget to associate these words with your personal experience, your life, and friends.  Let me give you a simple example.  When you study some new adjectives like “kind-hearted, stubborn, generous “ to describe personalities, think of your family members and your friends.  You can associate a new adjective with some person. Who is generous?  Oh, yes, my friend Jamie is a generous person.  Well,  stubborn.. who is stubborn .. hmmm, my younger brother is stubborn.  Give this method a try, it will definitely be fruitful.

Tip 3

Watch your favorite TV  series in English.  That’s easy, isn’t it?  But try using English subtitles. If you use English subtitles while watching some movie in English or TV series, you will improve your listening skills, notice the rhythm of English, and learn some cool words, maybe some slang or idioms.  If one speaker says,  “It seems that I bought a lemon, this car is a waste of money.  ”   If you hear this phrase in a movie, you will start thinking about this lemon.  You don’t see  a lemon in a movie scene, so where is it? where is the lemon?   

 Alrighty, then you can google this phrase and you will be surprised.  “To buy a lemon”-  that’s an English idiom.   To buy a lemon means that you buy something that doesn’t work well, it is worthless.  

Tip 4

Listen to your favorite songs, download lyrics ( words of a song) . Our favorite songs are easy to memorize, there are some catchy tunes and loads of new English words.  You can sing along,  if you know the words, you will learn new English expressions, word chunks and have a lot of fun.

Tip 5

Make new friends and start using English.  We live in an era of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. It is quite easy to make new friends and practice English with your new buddy.  Well, If you are shy to make new friends on Facebook, then you can join speaking courses, where you will be able to overcome all your fears of speaking English, make new friends,  and learn loads of English words.  Here at E-talk we have speaking courses and  we guide our students and help to achieve goals of becoming confident English speakers.

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