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Public Agreement

This agreement on the provision of educational services for distance learning of foreign languages ​​(hereinafter – the “Agreement”) is concluded by accepting this public offer of the E-talk (hereinafter – the Contractor) by any interested legal entity or individual (hereinafter – the “Student”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”, and individually – “Party”).

  1. Terms
    1.1. “Agreement” – a contract for the provision of services for a fee, concluded between the Contractor and the Student on the terms of this Offer.
    1.2. “Contractor’s Website” / “Website” is an automated information system available on the Internet at the network address , including all its subdomains.
    1.3. “Order” – the terms of the Services, agreed by the Parties by the Student performing the actions listed on the corresponding page of the Site or his Personal Account, necessary for the acceptance of this Agreement.
    1.4.”Services” – Classes in teaching foreign languages.
    1.5.“Lesson” is a remote session with a teacher through software (for example, Skype).
    1.6.“Group Lesson” – A lesson conducted for two or more Students.
    1.7.”Teacher” – the person directly conducting the lesson
    1.8.“Rules” means the provision of the Services, including the Privacy Policy, published on the web page:
    1.9.“Terms” – these terms and conditions.
  1. Subject Matter
    2.1. The subject of the Offer is the provision to the Customer of the services published on the official website of the Contractor in accordance with the terms of the Offer. The Contractor shall
    provide the services, and the Student shall accept and pay for the following services:
    • online educational services;
    • educational services in the form of regular classes and courses
  1. Rights and obligations of the parties
    The Contractor undertakes to:
    · Use confidential information about the Student only for the learning process, not to transfer or show it to third parties.
    Timely provide the student with the necessary teaching materials.
    · Give oral and written advice to the student on his additional issues. The complexity of the issue, the scope and timing of counseling are determined in each case by the school administration independently.
    · Conduct the classes missed by the Student only in the event that the Contractor has been warned by the Student about the cancellation of the class 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the beginning of such a class. Otherwise, the class shall be considered to be held and shall be due for payment.
    The student has the right to: · Require information on the organization of its training.
    · Require proper and timely conduct of classes.
    · Refuse further education at any time.
    · Make changes to the established schedule in consultation with your teacher.
    · Contact the Contractor on all matters related to training.
    · Get complete and accurate information about the assessment of their knowledge and skills.
    · Require a refund for unused Services
    · The student is not entitled to demand a refund for the Services used, if they were properly provided. Student’s poor results in education cannot serve as a reason for the return of funds for the Services used.
    4.1. The Student shall read thoroughly the List of services, prices and pricing conditions, published on the Official Website of the Contractor, select the service, order the service using the electronic form on the Official Website of the Contractor.
    4.2. The total price of the Offer shall be calculated on the basis of the prices and pricing conditions published on the Official Site (in the corresponding section of the services) effective as of the Acceptance of the Offer..
    4.3. Information about the cost of the Services is on the Website:
    4.4.The Contractor has the right to make changes to the cost of the Services without the consent of the Student.
    4.5.The Contractor is obliged to inform the Student about the new cost of the Services by email, phone (call or SMS), Skype or Viber or other methods of communication at least 14 days before the date of the changes.
  1. Payment order
    5.1.A student can pay for the Services on website on his / her own or apply for assistance with the administrator of the School.
    5.2.Payment methods can be found on the website
    The Contractor is not responsible if any of the payment method is unavailable at this time.
    5.3.The student is obliged to make payment no later than 24 hours before the upcoming Lesson. Otherwise, the Contractor has the right to refuse the Student to conduct the Lesson.
  2. Refund for unused Services
    6.1. Refunds for unused Services in cash equivalent are made upon request of the Student. In the event that this Agreement is terminated at the request of the Student, for a refund, he must provide the Contractor with a reasoned refusal of the Contractor’s Services. The method of refund is determined by the Contractor. The refund period is up to 30 calendar days.
    6.2.Bonuses are non-refundable.
    6.3. If there were promotions or discounts when paying for the Services, the cost of the Services will be recalculated when they are returned.

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