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What languages do you teach?


How long does a lesson last?

Typically, a lesson lasts 55 minutes for adult English courses.

What type of courses are there?

For now, we are offering one-on-one and group classes.

How many students should I expect in an English class?

Class sizes vary, our maximum class size is 4.

What English language level do I need to attend a course?

We accept all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels. All our courses cater to many different levels of ability.

Which languages are used during the lesson?


Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?

Yes, certainly! You can book a language course with us as an absolute beginner and after a few weeks, you’ll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations.

How much homework is typically involved?

Your teacher will give you approximately one hour’s worth of formal homework but we would recommend you do ten minutes per day of self study in order to assimilate and retain the information you are learning.

How can I pay for my course?

You can pay by credit card, by bank transfer. In some cases, we accept cryptocurrency.

Are certificates given upon course completion?

Upon completion of a language course each student receives a certificate of participation.

How long should I study?

We believe the longer you are able to study, the better. Most students can expect to develop moderate fluency in 2-5 months.

What do I do if I am going to miss a lesson during the course?

If you are unable to attend a lesson, please send a direct message to our skype/ e-mail.

Will the teachers correct my mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn. Our classes are intentionally small (3-4 students) so that you can not only practice speaking and receive personalized feedback, but learn from mistakes that other students are making as well. Your teacher will make sure that everyone has time to practice reading out loud, answering questions and conversing with one another.

What course materials will I get?

You will get access to the online e-learning materials specified within your course package.

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my remaining courses?

You can cancel your lessons up to 14 days before your first class. After that, unfortunately not.

What if I’m not happy with my class?

If you are not happy with your class, please contact our Student Support as soon as possible and give us as much detail as possible about the reasons. We will review your complaint and if needed our Academic Manager will watch the lesson. You need to make a complaint in writing within 3 days from the time of the lesson you aren’t happy with.

Why should I choose E-talk?

We are not going to claim that E-talk is the best language school. We want to say that we are different. Our primary goal is to help people overcome the language barrier, we want our students to speak fluent English, overcome fears and enjoy learning English. We value our reputation and we are student-oriented , that’s why your feedback is very valuable .

Who are my teachers?

Teachers at E-talk are all dedicated professionals who love to teach. They are qualified and can help you acquire versatile language skills, as well as providing useful cultural insights into different social and workplace situations.

Value pricing that works for everyone:

Group classes:

  • 2 times per week

Class duration: 50 min

8 hours per month

  • 3 times per week

Class duration: 50 min

12 hours per month


One-on-one classes 2 times per week

Class duration: 50 min

8 hours per month


One-on-one classes 3 times per week

Class duration: 50 min

12 hours per month

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